The slab gate valves made according to API 6D & ISO 14313 are usually used for the oil & gas pipe-lines.
Slab gate valves may be used for other purposes, such as the chemical and petrochemical industry or particular technical requirements.


Slab gate valves are manually actuated with the handwheel or the
gear-type torque multipliers. On request, the valves may be hydraulically, pneumaticaly or electrically actuated.
Standard materials are in accordance with the pressure class of the valves, and ANSI B16.34. Other materials available on request. slab gate 622 618
   Feature and benefits

• Bi-directional design provides flow direction versatility and increased service life.
• Full bore, through conduit extend valve life and eliminated turbulance and pressure drop.
• Simple, reliable gate and seat promotes easy field service and minimal parts inventory.
• Slab gate and floating seats provide low operating torque.
• Threaded area of rising stem protected from the working fluid and from the atmosphere (increased service life).
• Permanent contact between the gate and the seats protects against intrusion of particle contaminants seal areas.
• The stem bushing (nut) assemblied on 2 bearings, protected from the working fluid and permanently greased, provide low operating torque.
• Drain plug/greaser and air plug/greaser provide the current maintenance, low operating torque and increased service life.
• Bypass assembly provide low operating torque.
• The relief valve shall prevent the pressure in the cavity exceedeing.
• Visual position indicator. At the purchaser's requests the standard variant can be completed with position sensors.
• Top entry assembly provide the disassembly of the valve, without taking out the valve from the pipe line (repair in field).

slab gate 630

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