1. Engineering, research and development                                       

Company has an integrated production, with self-designing abilities improved with high technology according to the API specifications or to the other standards.

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2. Workshop

    - Foundry workshop

Provided with modern equipment for control and automation pf processes ensures cast parts of steel, non ferrous metal and        cast iron up to 2 tones/piece. The capacity of the foundry workshop is about 6000 tones/year.

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 - Forging and heat treatment workshop
Produced forgings and die forgings up to 400 kilos, primary and secondary heat treatments and thermomechanical treatments.

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- Machining workshop
Equipment with a high variety of machine-tools for mechanical processing ensure the processing of all the pieces incorporated in our products

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- Assembling and testing workshop
Ensures assembling and testing carried out in accordance with the product's technical specification.

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 - Metallic manufacturing workshop
Executes metallic manufacturing especially for oil industry like: drilling fluid conditioning, cleaning and circulating systems, pumping unitsm shale shakers, etc.

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- Repairing and servicing workshop
Ensures current repair works and workover jobs for stationary drilling rigs, mobile rigs, additional equipment, fuel dispensers  etc.

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- Storing houses and products warehouses

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3. Laboratory&Test facility

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