Standard geothermal wellhead system SGWS Incorporates an expansion spool design which permits a minimum full 14" casing expansion as standard.

-      The spool may also be equipped with a third, angled outlet to provide access for down-hole pressure or temperature tools.

-      Casing head house is designed to accommodate a centralizer which provides precise alignment of the production casing, allows casing to be reciprocated during the cementing process.

-      The pack-off assembly incorporates a mechanical pressure energized static elastomer seal and soft packing. The packing may be re-energized, if required.

-      Short tubing head spool for different types of hangers available on request

-      Steam injection wellhead may be used for high temperature (max. 7000 F)

All wellheads may be equipped with valves type 816 or GT 910 series

Geothermal Wellhead

geothermal wellhead


dual stem inject wellhead

Dual Steam Injection Wellhead




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