By avoiding disconnection of the BOP at each stage of the drilling operation, the safety aspect is significantly strengthened. Removing and installing the BOP's which can weigh 15 tons or more can be very dangerous even when all the safety rules are followed. By eliminating one BOP change we are minimizing the exposure and enhancing safety. Our Unihead Wellhead only needs the BOP stack to be installed one time.

When setting traditional slip hangers the BOP stack must be lifted to set the slips, at this point the well is effectively open, this is the time when if gas penetrates the cement, then mud weight can be lost and the well can begin to flow leading to a blow-out. The easy solution is not to lift the BOP stack, by using Unihead Wellhead.

Time savings and cost reductions are made due to the simplified design of Unihead Wellhead system and the elimination of the requirement for a second BOP stack and riser.

The cost of buying a second size of BOP and riser would be eliminated and the logistics associated with transportation, storage and installation of the BOP


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