CONVENER Of Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholder for the date 27/28.04.2021 pdf
    Administrator Report On UZTEL S.A. Company's business in 2020 pdf
  Annual Accounting Statement - year 2020 pdf
  Income and Expenditure Budget Provided for 2021 pdf
  Individual financial statements 31.12.2020 pdf
  SUBSTANTIATION NOTE of the proposal to cover accounting losses on 31.12.2020 pdf
  Financial Auditor Report on the financial statements ended on 31.12.2020 pdf
  Investment program for 2021 pdf
  Informative material related to item 5 of the agenda pdf
  Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders  
                   Special power of attorney doc
                   Ballot by mail doc
                   Decision no. 2 of 27.04.2021 of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders




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